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Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Co-chair: Monit Cheung (University of Houston)
APM Assignment: 2012–2014

Co-chair: Meirong Liu (Howard University)
APM Assignment: 2013–2015

The Asian American/Pacific Islander (API) Track covers the following themes: (1) critical analysis of social work theories and practices in an Asian contexts; (2) advancement of the knowledge base and application of cultural competencies in social work practice with Asian populations; and (3) the search for the meaning of indigenizing social work practice, particularly considering culture from local to global perspectives, as the core of social work practice in Asian communities. The goal of API Track activities is to bridge eastern and western philosophies/paradigms about social work, seeking to identify evidence-based and culturally competent knowledge and skills; and to promote social work practice that is innovative and ethnically relevant for the advancement of social work education, practice, policy, and research.