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Faculty Development Institutes

Thursday, November 3, 2016
Morning Sessions From 9:00 am‒12:00 pm

A. Models for Integrating Financial Capability and Asset Building Into the Curriculum

This FDI will discuss five models for integrating financial capability and asset building (FCAB) into the curriculum. The session will provide background on FCAB and introduce curriculum components. Integration model goals, objectives, and links to the 2015 EPAS will be the primary focus. Ideas for the integration of FCAB at institutions also will be discussed.

Julie Birkenmaier, Saint Louis University
Margaret Sherraden, University of Missouri-St. Louis
Gena G. McClendon, Washington University in St. Louis
Liza Barros Lane, University of Houston
Jenny Jones, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

B. Implementing Interprofessional Education: Options for Collaboration, Education, and Evaluation

Interprofessional education (IPE) has become a priority for schools of social work. This collaborative and experiential FDI will provide an in-depth opportunity to learn about different options for IPE curricular projects and how to plan for and evaluate them. Examples of IPE hands-on activities and IPE tools will be provided. Challenges and opportunities will be discussed.

Annemarie Conlon, Plymouth State University
Melissa L. Abell, Virginia Commonwealth University
Shanza Isom, Virginia Commonwealth University

C. Preparing Students for the Breadth of Humanity: Designing Simulated Client Experiences

Each academic term, social work students request more frequent opportunities to link theoretical course content with clinical application and evaluative feedback. This FDI will provide faculty members with the foundation for effectively designing simulated client experiences to enhance student learning and clinical performance in the classroom as well as in field placements.

Daphne Brydon, University of Michigan
Abigail Eiler, University of Michigan

D. Integrating Social Work and Speech Pathology: A Collaborative Model of Interprofessional Education

Based on a collaborative model of instruction this session will demonstrate a proposed interprofessional education course, including a model assignment with an integrated practice behavior assessment rubric, for students enrolled in one of two professional training programs in social work and speech language pathology.

Jason M. Newell, University of Montevallo
Jeannie A. Duke, University of Montevallo
Danielle Rich, University of Montevallo
Claire M. Edwards, University of Montevallo


Thursday, November 3, 2016
Afternoon Sessions From 2:00 pm—5:00 pm

E. Teaching Transgender

An increasing number of transgender students are “out” during their social work education. In addition, many students encounter transgender clients in their placements. This FDI will provide the foundational knowledge needed to teach about work with trans/gender fluid clients and support trans students in the classroom and in field placements.

Elijah C Nealy, Saint Joseph College
Edward J. Alessi, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

F. Teaching About Equality and Justice: New Paradigms From a Grand Challenges Perspective

Based on the Grand Challenges for Social Work’s emphasis on changing the narrative on long-standing social problems, this FDI will prepare social work educators to help students reconceptualize approaches to social equality and justice. Participants will develop a teaching module applying new concepts and adapting congruent changes to practice modalities.

Yolanda C. Padilla, CSWE Center for Diversity and Social and Economic Justice and
University of Texas at Austin
Martell Teasley, University of Texas at San Antonio
Jeremy Goldbach, University of Southern California
Marilyn Armour, University of Texas at Austin
Rocio Calvo, Boston College

G. Holistic Engagement: Transformative Education and Practice Through Skillful, Whole-Self Integration

The presenters will introduce the constructs and skills of holistic engagement, inviting social work educators and practitioners to cultivate use of the whole self in dynamic contexts; exploring the enrichment of teaching, learning, and practice through skillful integration of the whole self; and revealing expanded opportunities for transformation, self-care, and professional development.

Gwendolyn J. Adam, Social Work Department - Vance Academic Center
Loretta Pyles, University at Albany

H. Empowering Students: Leadership as an Integrated Topic in the Generalist Practice Curriculum

This FDI will focus on incorporating leadership knowledge and skills in the generalist practice curriculum and challenging all MSW students to view leadership as a critical component of professional identity and competent social work practice. Instructional tools and exercises to support leadership content will be shared.

Mindy Wertheimer, Georgia State University
Jan Ivery, Georgia State University

O. Creative, Hands-On Approaches to Teaching Policy Content
This session focuses on creative ways to deliver policy content in the classroom. The presenters will engage participants in hands-on activities related to two important aspects of policy study: current policies and programs, and advocacy. Participants will leave equipped with tools and ideas they can implement in policy courses or introduce into other courses throughout the curriculum. The presenters will share strategies for tackling some of the challenges inherent in teaching policy and facilitate a discussion of tips for engaging students.
Suzanne R. Pritzker, University of Houston
Matthew Bogenschutz, Virginia Commonwealth University
Sunny Harris Rome, George Mason University
Susan Roll, California State University, Chico

Continuing Education

If you register for any one of these preconference workshops, you are eligible for three hours of continuing education units.