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Proposal Review Process

Step 1 Prescreening: All peer-reviewed proposals will be prescreened for their compliance with the procedural guidelines. APM staff will contact proposal submitters in cases where proposals fail to comply with those guidelines. If still noncompliant after the Monday, February 22 submission deadline, the proposal will be withdrawn from the submission pool.

Step 2 Phase 1 Review: Proposals that successfully pass the prescreening process will be evaluated by three persons of the proposal review committee of the track to which the proposal was assigned. These reviewers are composed of active individual CSWE member volunteers identified as having expertise in the designated topic area of the track. They will evaluate the proposal following a blinded review process with a defined set of evaluation instructions. 

Step 3 Phase 2 Review: A second blinded review of the top-ranked proposals will be conducted by the chair and co-chair of the track, who also are active individual CSWE member volunteers. The results of that review will be sent to the Council on Conferences and Faculty Development (CCFD) as recommendations for final program acceptance consideration.

Step 4 Final Review: The CCFD will determine the final acceptances.  

Proposals for the preconference development workshops will be reviewed by the CCFD.