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Q. I need help with my proposal. Who do I contact?
A: If you are experiencing technical issues with the proposal submission system, please e-mail If you have specific questions about the content of your proposal or our proposal submission policies, please e-mail For all other APM-related inquiries, contact

Q. There is no track related to my proposal topic. What should I do?
A: Proposals must be submitted to one of the 40 APM Tracks or invited session formats. We recommend carefully reviewing the track descriptions to see if your proposal could be a good fit (you may need to review more than one). If you still aren’t sure, you may contact the track chairs listed above each track description for their feedback prior to drafting your proposal.

Q. Does being listed as a presenter in a proposal for Hot Topics/Partnerships/other invited session count towards the limit restrictions?

A: Yes, being listed as a presenter for any session format counts toward the limit restrictions. It is the responsibility of presenters to ensure that they do not exceed the limit:
  • You can only be primary presenter on one proposal – this includes all types/formats for peer-reviewed and invited proposals.
  • You can only be listed as a presenter on a maximum of three proposals.This includes the limit of being listed as a primary presenter on no more than one proposal.
View the 2018 APM Accepted Presenter Compliance Policy for more information.

Q. I received a message stating that I exceeded the presenter limit, but I only submitted two proposals. Why is this? 
A. You should first confirm that you did not begin multiple versions of the same proposal. Once you start a proposal, you should always make changes to that proposal rather than starting a new one. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt when a new proposal is created. E-mail if you need assistance with managing your proposals. You may also have been listed as a presenter on a proposal without your knowledge. If you’re sure you have not initiated duplicate proposals, e-mail us to see if you have been listed on one without your knowledge. If you are drafting a proposal, always notify a presenter that you plan to include them.

Q. Why does my proposal have to be anonymous? Can I really be disqualified for including identifying information?  
A. Including any identifying information such as names, affiliations or geographic locations in the title, overview, references, or objectives of a proposal submission can result in your proposal being disqualified. All proposals undergo an initial blind review, so including identifying details can compromise the integrity of the review process. Please pay careful attention to this before submitting your proposal and only enter identifying information when it is specifically requested such as in the fields for presenter names and affiliations.

Q. Can I change the presenters included in my proposal?
A. You may make changes to your proposal until the deadline for submission ends on Monday, February 12, 2018, at 11:59 pm (USA ET). After that time we cannot allow any changes to be made. Please coordinate with all presenters prior to completing your submission.

Q. I have changed affiliations but my proposal has already been submitted. What should I do?
A. Please e-mail with any change of contact information as soon as possible. 

Q. What’s the difference between an interactive workshop and an oral presentation?
A. An interactive workshop encourages dynamic dialogue between the presenter and participants. The workshop may include interactive features like small group activities, assignments, etc. This format is 60 minutes long and includes only one presenter or group of presenters for a designated topic. Oral presentations include two presentations that share a similar theme. This format is also 60 minutes long, and each presentation lasts 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute period of simple Q&A with participants. 

Q. I wasn’t able to submit my proposal by the deadline/I had technical problems when I tried to submit my proposal on the day of the deadline. Can I have an extension?
A. We do not allow extensions for any proposal submissions. For this reason we encourage you to submit your proposal as soon as possible to avoid any unforeseen technical or other issues.