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VOLUME Volume 52


The most recently published issue of the Journal of Social Work Education is the Fall 2016 edition (volume 52, number 4). Below are listed this issue's titles and authors. CSWE members may access JSWE articles online without charge. Nonmembers may search the database by author, title, or keyword; view abstracts; and purchase articles.


  • From the Editor—The Future of Social Work Education, Robbins, Coe Regan, Williams, Smyth, and Bogo
  • Social Media Policy in Social Work Education: A Review and Recommendations, Karpman and Drisko
  • Technology in Social Work Education: A Systematic Review, Wretman and Macy
  • Social Enterprise in Higher Education: A Viable Venture?, Hoefer and Sliva
  • Promoting Election-Related Policy Practice Among Social Work Students, Pritzker and Burwell
  • Promoting Resilience Through Social Work Practice with Groups: Implications for the Practice and Field Curricula, Gitterman and Knight
  • Promoting Cognitive Development Through Field Education, Simmons and Fisher
  • Field Education in the Present Moment: Evaluating a 14-Week Pedagogical Model to Increase Mindfulness Practice, Lee and Himmelheber
  • Can Clinical Skills Be Taught Online? Comparing Skill Development Between Online and F2F Students Using a Blinded Review, Wilke, King, Ashmore, and Stanley
  • Environmental Justice Is a Social Justice Issue: Incorporating Environmental Justice Into Social Work Practice Curricula, Beltrán, Hacker, and Begun
  • Teaching Note—No Peace Without Justice: Addressing the United States’ War on Drugs in Social Work Education, Bowen and Redmond
  • Teaching Note—Teaching Intersectionality: Transforming Cultural Competence Content in Social Work Education, Robinson, Cross-Denny, Kyeunghae Lee, Werkmeister Rozas, and Yamada
  • Teaching Note—Using TED Talks in the Social Work Classroom: Encouraging Student Engagement and Discourse, Loya and Klemm