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How to Support Students Impacted by DACA Repeal


Dear Members, 

CSWE remains committed to providing resources to our members that can help in navigating difficult situations. With the latest announcement from the Trump Administration regarding DACA, our community has been dealt yet another blow. CSWE would like to share some ideas on how you might further communicate your support of students affected by DACA and your commitment to protecting their human rights.   

  • Communicate to your students that you are committed to promoting mutual respect, understanding, inclusion, and diversity. 

  • Identify ways your program is prepared to protect students that are undocumented. 
    • Confidentiality.  Has your institution made a decision or statement about protecting the confidentiality of the students’ immigrant status?  
    • Financial Aid.  Have changes been made in financial aid eligibility that need to be communicated to affected students?
    • Legal Counsel.  Are there legal resources that students can access through the university or in the community? 

  • Share with your students the vast number of resources that your campus offers to support those that are affected by the rescinding of DACA. It is very likely that students also have family and/or friends that may be affected by this decision.  Are you offering any programming dedicated to this topic? Special events? Panels? Seminars? Further, share campus resources that are equipped to provide assistance to students and encourage them to take advantage of those resources. For example:
    • Counseling Services
    • Chaplain
    • Student Health Services
    • Help Lines
    • Campus Security

  • Provide detailed information about student groups that can offer a safe haven for students feeling isolated due to the activities of this Administration. 

If your campus has implemented any protocols that you think would lend ideas to the above suggestions, please consider sharing those with us. We will collect these resources and provide a summary on the CSWE website. 



Darla Spence Coffey
CSWE President and CEO