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New Releases from The National Academies Press

Disaster Resilience: A National Imperative: Infectious disease outbreaks, acts of terrorism, social unrest, or financial disasters in addition to natural hazards can all lead to large-scale consequences for the nation and its communities. This report addresses the broad issue of increasing the nation's resilience to disasters by presenting a vision of the characteristics of a resilient nation in the year 2030, as well as several approaches that individuals, communities, organizations, the private sector, and governments can take to achieve that vision.
An Integrated Framework for Assessing the Value of Community-Based Prevention: During the past century the major causes of morbidity and mortality in the United States have shifted from those related to communicable diseases to those due to chronic diseases. This report proposes a framework to assess the value of community-based, non-clinical prevention policies and wellness strategies with the framework representing a valuable step toward realizing the elusive goal of appropriately and comprehensively valuing community-based prevention.