Katherine A. Kendall Institute

2014 Sustainable Human Development and Human Rights Faculty Development Trip to Costa Rica

CSWE’s Council on Global Learning, Research, and Practice is planning a faculty development trip to Costa Rica June 7–15, 2014. Interested CSWE members should send a brief bio or CV and letter of interest to kaki@cswe.org.

2014 Cuba Social Work Research Tour to Cuba

Marazul Charters and the Katherine A. Kendall Institute will hold a third social work study tour to Cuba in June 2014. Space is limited for this program; all participants must be members of CSWE and full-time faculty members and/or administrators at their respective universities.

New International Social Work Online Learning Modules

The Council on Global Learning, Research, and Practice has developed a set of online learning modules addressing a variety of topics ranging from human rights to aging and the influence of culture.