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Resources for Members

Temple University WebEx MSW Information Session

This October, learn more about Temple University’s MSW program available throughout Pennsylvania!

New Children's Bureau Spotlight Videos

A new suite of seven Spotlight Videos showcases key themes in the Children's Bureau's work to protect children and strengthen families. Available in in both English and Spanish, the short videos (each 3.5–5.5 minutes long) feature Children's Bureau leadership and staff discussing their support of states, tribes, grantees, and community organizations and sharing insights into critical aspects of their work.

Child Welfare Outcomes Released

Child Welfare Outcomes 2008–2011: Report to Congress is the twelfth in a series of reports from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The publication is designed to inform Congress and professionals related to the child welfare field about national and State performance on several measures of outcomes for children served by child welfare systems throughout the country.

Research Press Publishers Announces New Publication

Research Press Publishers is excited to announce the arrival of Counseling Outside the Lines, an innovative new title focusing on proven adaptive and creative approaches to counseling younger clients. This book provides the professional counselor with a variety of ways to expand strategies toward interventions when dealing with children and adolescents.