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RELEASE DATE Winter 2018
VOLUME Volume 54
NUMBER Issue 1


The most recently published issue of the Journal of Social Work Education is the 2018 winter edition (volume 54, number 1). Below are listed this issue's titles and authors. CSWE members may access JSWE articles online without charge. Nonmembers may search the database by author, title, or keyword; view abstracts; and purchase articles.


  • From the Editor—Forbidden Words, Yaffe
  • Merging Micro and Macro Intervention: Social Work Practice With Groups in the Community, Knight & Gitterman
  • The Power of Sum: An Accountability Sistah Circle, McLane-Davison, Quinn, Hardy, & Smith
  • MSW Graduates’ Readiness to Respond to Intimate Partner Violence, Fedina, Lee, & de Tablan
  • A Dedicated Diversity Course or an Infusion Model? Exploring Which Strategy Is More Effective in Social Work Pedagogy, Pitner, Priester, Lackey, & Duvall
  • A Study of Social Work Students’ Knowledge and Perceptions of Stages of Latino Immigration, Held, Cuellar, & Heffron
  • Current Implementation of and Opinions and Concerns Regarding Suicide Education for Social Work Undergraduate Students in Japan: A Cross-Sectional Study, Kodaka, Hikitsuchi, Takai, Okada, Watanabe, Fukushima, Yamada, Inagaki, Takeshima, & Matsumoto
  • Effects of an Integrative Field Seminar for MSW Students, Fortune, Rogers, & Williamson
  • Changing Social Work Students’ Perceptions of the Role of Government in a Policy Class, Granruth, Kindle, Burford, Delavega, Johnson, Peterson, & Caplan
  • Infusing Financial Capability and Asset Building Content Into a Community Organizing Class, Doran & Bagdasaryan
  • Challenges to Bridging Field and Classroom Instruction: Exploring Field Instructors’ Perspectives on Macro Practice, Mehrotra, Tecle, Thi Ha, Ghneim, & Gringeri
  • Exploring Use of Self: Moving Beyond Definitional Challenges, Liechty
  • Recent Social Work Practitioners’ Understanding and Use of Evidence-Based Practice and Empirically Supported Treatments, Grady, Wike, Putzu, Field, Hill, Bledsoe, Bellamy, & Massey
  • Teaching Note—Teaching Self-Care and Wellness as a Professional Practice Skill: A Curricular Case Example, Grise-Owens, Miller, Escobar-Ratliff, & George
  • Teaching Note—Constructing Critical Conversations: A Model for Facilitating Classroom Dialogue for Critical Learning, Kang & O’Neill