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Annual Survey of Social Work Programs

2020 Annual Survey

The Annual Survey of Social Work Programs collects information about social work programs, students, graduates, and faculty members. This information is used by the social work education community in research, program planning, and advocacy work. This year, the data will become particularly helpful in determining the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on enrollment, degree conferral, and staffing levels. 

The data collection instrument for the 2020 Annual Survey was sent to the primary contacts of all CSWE accredited programs and contacts for practice doctorate and research doctorate programs on December 16, 2020. The data submitted will be based on the 2019–2020 academic year except for enrollment data, which should be based on fall 2020. Data collection closed on Friday, March 5, 2021. Data will be reported in late summer 2021.

A reference copy of the 2020 survey with instructions and definitions can be found here.

Please direct any questions to the Research team at

2019 Annual Survey

The 2019 Annual Statistics on Social Work Education in the United States report is now available. It includes the most comprehensive and current information on the state of social work education and is used to inform policy decisions, identify issues and trends, and assist in social work education research. The summary report provides a broad picture of social work programs and their offerings, including

  • students and graduates at all levels,
  • enrollment numbers,
  • degree conferral rates, and
  • graduate loan debt information.
New this year—the report includes a more in-depth analysis of online education and the numerous ways that online education was being administered in fall 2019. 

Data collection for the 2019 Annual Survey began on November 21, 2019, and closed in February 2020. If your program did not submit data during this time period and you would still like to submit data, please contact us.

reference copy of the 2019 survey instrument is provided.

Thank you to the 786 programs that submitted data for the 2019 Annual Survey. Your efforts help inform policy decisions, identify issues and trends, and assist in social work education research.

Past Annual Survey data can be found on the Research Briefs and Publications page.

View Your Program's Past Annual Survey Submissions

Member programs can access their past Annual Survey submissions. If you would like an electronic copy of your submission, contact