Benchmark I Review Brief (2015 EPAS)

The baccalaureate or master's program is to download and complete its portion of the Benchmark I Review Brief and send it to the Accreditation Specialist along with the Benchmark I document. The Benchmark I Review Brief is used by the COA commission reader to report their evaluation of the program reviewed for candidacy status.

Benchmark I Volume I Template

This optional formatted template includes all standards and their components.  Programs choosing to use this template should incorporate their response to each standard directly into the Word document. When complete, the document will comprise Volume I of the full Benchmark I. This will be submitted along with Volume II (syllabi); Volume III (student handbook and field manual); and the Benchmark I Review Brief.

Faculty Summary Form (2015 EPAS)

This form is supporting document for AS 3.2.1, AS 3.2.2, AS B3.2.4, and AS M3.2.4. Baccalaureate programs must have at least two faculty at Benchmark I. Master's programs must have three faculty at Benchmark I; five faculty at Benchmark II; and six faculty at Initial Accreditation.

Faculty Data Form (2015 EPAS)

This form provides supporting documentation and formatting guidance for CVs to be included in the self-study for AS 3.2.1, AS 3.2.2, AS B3.2.4, and AS M3.2.4.

Budget Form (2015 EPAS) (Draft at Benchmark I)

This form is used to evaluate a program's compliance with Accreditation Standard 3.4.1.

Librarian’s Report Form (2015 EPAS) (Draft at Benchmark I)

This report is used to evaluate the program's compliance with AS 3.4.4.

Commissioner Visit I

The commission visitor’s primary task is to discuss the Benchmark I document and identify areas of compliance and concern with the first portion of Benchmark I. The visitor also reviews the draft standards in the second portion of Benchmark I and identifies areas of further development that the program can use in writing the compliance section of Benchmark II.

Commission on Accreditation Benchmark I Decisions

A comprehensive list of possible COA decisions related to Benchmark I can be found in the EPAS Handbook