2015 EPAS

The CSWE Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) describe four features of an integrated curriculum design: (1) program mission and goals; (2) explicit curriculum; (3) implicit curriculum; and (4) assessment. 

Formatting Guidelines

Guidelines for formatting documents for submission to CSWE.

Accreditation PowerPoint Presentations

Accreditation presentations covering a variety of topics, including ones related to the Pre-Candidacy and Candidacy processes.

Benchmark Grid

The Benchmark Model chart illustrates which features of the Educational Policies and Academic Standards (EPAS) and which accreditation standards (AS) the program is working on during each commissioner visit. For more information on the Candidacy Benchmark Model can be found in the EPAS Handbook.

Accreditation Team Approach Grid

Optional resource for managing and delegating duties to team members.