1.1.11. The COA Executive Committee

The COA has one standing committee, the Executive Committee, which serves in place of the COA between commission meetings. The committee is composed of the COA chair, the work group chairs, and the director (ex officio) of the Office of Social Work Accreditation (OSWA). At COA meetings the Committee’s work includes the following.
  • Monitor and make recommendations for the revision of accreditation standards.
  • Review updates from the director of OSWA.
  • Evaluate the processes and procedures of COA meetings.
  • Monitor the COA’s quality assurance.
  • Develop and consider policies for the COA and direct office staff in maintaining a record of instituted policies (including a COA Policy Manual).
  • Oversee staff training of site visitors and programs seeking candidacy, initial accreditation, or reaffirmation.
  • Oversee and review staff recommendations on waiver and postponement applications.