1.1.14. Mailing Instructions for Programs

It is important that the materials you mail to OSWA are delivered to the correct staff member.

Please find the item you are mailing on the list below and make sure the envelope or package is addressed to the attention of the corresponding staff member. Our address is:

Attention of: ____________
Council on Social Work Education
1701 Duke Street, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314

Programs Send the Following Materials (postal mail or e-mail):

To the Attention of:

Candidacy Review

  • Benchmark I
  • Program Response to Benchmark I Review Brief (Commissioner Visit Report)
  • Benchmark II

Reaffirmation Review

  • Reaffirmation Eligibility Application
  • Self-Study
  • Program Response to the Site Visit Report
  • Postponement or Agenda Adjustment Request

Progress Report

  • Progress Report and Any Supporting Materials

Restoration Report

  • Restoration Report

Notification of Program Changes

Modified Site Visit

  • Clarifying Materials

Reconsideration Hearing

  • Clarifying Materials

Your Program's Accreditation Specialist

Site Visit Planning Form

Site Visit Coordinator

Other correspondence

  • Complaint Correspondence
  • Program Waiver Request
  • Letter Requesting a Reconsideration Hearing
  • Letter of Institutional Intent and Candidacy Eligibility Application
  • Alternative Reaffirmation Proposal

OSWA Director


Programs Send the Following Fees
(With a Copy of the Invoice):

To the Attention of:

Accreditation Fees

  • Candidacy Eligibility Fee
  • Commissioner Visit I Fee
  • Commissioner Visit II Fee
  • Initial Accreditation Eligibility Fee
  • Initial Accreditation Fee
  • Reaffirmation Eligibility Fee
  • Reaffirmation Fee

Finance and Administration