There are five steps in reaffirming a program’s accreditation:

  1. The Reaffirmation Eligibility Application;
  2. Site Visit Planning and Hosting;
  3. The Self-Study;
  4. The COA Letter of Instructions to the Site Visitor, the Site Visit Report, and the Program’s Response to the Site Visit Report; and
  5. The COA Review for Reaffirmation Determination.

These five steps are reflected in the Timetable for Reaffirmation, which provides a detailed list of due dates, accreditation fees, materials, and activities, and submission directions.

There are three versions of the Timetable for Reaffirmation with dates that correspond to the three COA Meetings held each year.

To use the Timetable for Reaffirmation, determine the program’s reaffirmation date; select the corresponding February, June, or October timetable; go to the last row of the timetable; and insert the year in the middle column next to “COA Review for Reaffirmation Determination.” That is when the COA will decide whether the program is in compliance with EPAS and if the program’s accreditation should be reaffirmed. From there, work up to the top and fill in the year for each step in the reaffirmation process. Contact your accreditation specialist if you have any questions.