2.3.1. Purpose and Overview of the Site Visit

The COA reviews the program’s self-study before the site visit and sends a letter of instructions to the site visitor(s) specifying the accreditation standards that the visitor(s) should address. This ensures the visit is focused and guided by the initial COA review. Site visitors are expected to conduct visits so that programs have the opportunity to provide information that clarifies, corrects, or supplements those parts of the self-study about which the COA has questions. As representatives accountable to the COA, site visitors have authority to request, examine, and report any information and materials relevant to the letter of instruction.

Every site visitor is expected to discuss general questions related to three accreditation standards (AS) from the 2015 EPAS with programs: AS 1 (Program mission and goals), AS 3.0 (Nondiscrimination and Human Diversity), and AS 4 (Program Assessment and Continuous Improvement). Site visitors explore these standards with relevant constituents by asking broad questions about program, mission and goals and how these relate to the level of practice for which they prepare students and insights the program may have reached based on its assessment of student outcomes. In addition, site visitors ask general questions about the challenges and achievements programs have experienced in making specific and continuous efforts to provide a learning context in which respect for all persons and understanding of diversity are practiced. Beyond these standards, site visitors address standards about which the COA raised specific questions. The COA expects site visitors to submit comprehensive, objective, and thorough reports of their findings about which specific questions were raised.