2.4.2. COA Guidelines for Writing the Self-Study

These guidelines are intended to make the process of writing and compiling the self-study easier for programs and make the evaluation of the self-study easier for COA readers. The COA encourages a clear and succinct narrative. The self-study should be divided into three volumes as described below.

Volume 1 –EPAS

Volume 1 contains a series of narratives that demonstrates the program’s compliance with 2015 EPAS. Each accreditation standard (AS) should be addressed in a separate narrative headed by the number and full text of each standard for easy identification by the COA reader. The Program Expense Budget form should be included near the narrative for AS 3.4.1 and the Librarian’s Report near AS 3.4.4

Programs should refer to the compliance column of the Compliance, Concern, and Noncompliance Statements (previously discussed in section 1) while writing the self-study. It explains the minimum requirements for completely and clearly meeting an accreditation standard and related educational policy and why the COA would cite either as an area of concern or noncompliance.

In institutions with both an accredited baccalaureate and an accredited master’s social work program, a complete self-study must be submitted for each program.

Volume 2 – Syllabi

Volume 2 contains all of the program’s course syllabi. Elective courses not taken by all students do not need to be included. Dual degree courses, other than those for the MSW degree, need not be included. The syllabi need to be uniform. If there is more than one section of a course, a common syllabus may be submitted that contains all the components required for the course.

Volume 3 – Supporting Documentation

Volume 3 is the appendix and contains the student handbook, the field education manual, and any other supporting documentation.