The beginning of the site visit report must include the name, date, and state of the program visited, the program level, and the name(s) of the site visitor(s). The report should include either a copy of the site visit schedule or a list of people who met with the site visitor(s) during the visit (e.g., groups and individuals from the program and institution).

The next part of the report is a brief summary of the conversation with the program on general questions related to AS 1 (Program mission and goals), AS 3.0 (Nondiscrimination and Human Diversity), and AS 4 (Program Assessment and Continuous Improvement).

In the last part of the report the site visitors list each accreditation standard and question raised by the COA in its letter of instructions with a thorough discussion of findings for each.

Information about when the site visit report is due and where it should be sent is on the Timetable for Reaffirmation.