3.2.2 Timetable for Candidacy

The Timetable for Candidacy provides a detailed chronological list of accreditation fees, materials, and activities with the deadline, number and kind of copies needed, and who should receive them as the program progresses through the steps of obtaining candidacy, completing candidacy, and receiving initial accreditation.

There are three versions of the Timetable for Candidacy with dates that correspond to the February, June, and October COA meetings held each year. Once the program has been assigned an agenda, select the corresponding Timetable for Candidacy (February, June, October) on the Candidacy section of the Web site, then go to the last row of the first page and insert the year the program will be reviewed for candidacy in the middle column next to “Commission Review for Candidacy”. That is when the COA will decide whether the program is in compliance with Benchmark I and whether the program should be granted candidacy status. From there, work up to the top of the page and fill in the year for each step in the candidacy process. Contact your accreditation specialist  if you have any questions or need assistance.