3.3.1 Overview of Applying for Candidacy Status

The program submits a Letter of Institutional Intent, the Candidacy Eligibility Fee, and a Candidacy Eligibility Application form with supporting materials. The Senior Team Leader of the Office of Social Work Accreditation (OSWA) reviews the submission. When the Senior Team Leader approves the Letter of Institutional Intent and Candidacy Eligibility Application, the program is asked to submit a Draft Benchmark I document. The Senior Team Leader reviews the Draft Benchmark I document and works with the program to make certain it has fully addressed all of the requirements of the Draft Benchmark I. After approving the Draft Benchmark I document, the Senior Team Leader formally grants Pre-Candidacy Status to the program, assigns the program to an Accreditation Specialist, and grants permission for the program to move forward with Commissioner Visit I. The date of Draft Benchmark I approval determines the program’s agenda date (February, June, October).