4.5.1. Commission Visitor Completion of the Benchmark III Review Brief

The Initial Accreditation Review Brief form is a tool used to guide the program in writing a complete Initial Accreditation Self-Study and by the commission visitor to review the program for compliance with Initial Accreditation and to make a recommendation to the COA. Section 2 lists each accreditation standard and related educational policy in the Initial Accreditation Self-Study.

Commission Visitor Reporting of Findings

In the C/NC column of section 2 the commission visitor types “compliance” or “noncompliance” next to each compliance statement to report how well the program meets and addresses each item. The commission visitor indicates her or his reasoning in the Comments column for any compliance statement marked “noncompliance.” In section 3 of the Benchmark III Review Brief the commission visitor recommends a decision to the COA, lists areas of noncompliance with the corresponding accreditation standard, and writes a brief discussion of the problem and how the program can fix it.

Information about when the Initial Accreditation Review Brief is due and where it should be sent is on the Timetable for Candidacy.