1.2.11. Document Submission Policy

Programs are required to address all requirements of the standards, including all program options, and to submit documents in the required format. Should a program fail to address all requirements of the standards sufficiently, including all program options, and/or fail to submit documents in the required format, the program may be required to revise and resubmit its document(s) for review at the next COA meeting. The request for revision and resubmission is determined by the COA of accreditation staff and reflects substantial issues or errors with program-submitted materials that hinders the commission’s review process. A letter will be issued to the program noting the administrative adjustment to the program’s review timetable and the program’s primary contact will be requested to consult with their accreditation specialist to confirm submission requirements to prepare for final submission.  The program’s accreditation status will remain unchanged during the revision period. Should the program fail to submit the accreditation document(s) by the revision due date, the COA may initiate an adverse action.

No additional materials will be accepted after an accreditation due date. Accreditation staff cannot alter, edit, amend, nor substitute program materials submitted for an accreditation review.

Required Format of Materials Submitted to the COA