When the program accepts the COA decision to place it on conditional accredited status or when the outcome of the reconsideration hearing is to uphold the COA decision (see reconsideration policy), the program must submit a restoration report. When the restoration report is received, the COA reviews it along with all previously submitted materials.the COA takes one of the following actions:

  1. Restore Accredited Status. The COA review of the program’s restoration report finds that the program has taken corrective action and is in compliance with all standards. No further action is required.
  2. Restore Accredited Status and Request a Progress Report. The request includes a due date and indicates whether the report will be reviewed by the program’s accreditation specialist or associate and/or the COA.
  3. Order a Modified Site Visit. A modified site visit is ordered when the restoration report fails to clarify program compliance. A site visitor is sent at the program’s expense to review specific issues. This program is reviewed at the next COA meeting following the site visit. After its review of the site visit report, the COA either returns the program to accredited status or initiates withdrawal of its accredited status.
  4. Initiate Withdrawal of Accredited Status. The COA initiates withdrawal of accredited status if the program is found to be out of compliance with one or more standards and the program cannot take corrective action within 1 year. The COA’s letter identifies specific areas of noncompliance and instructs the program to work with its accreditation specialist to determine the effective date of the withdrawal of accreditation. The decision to initiate withdrawal of accredited status is an adverse one, and the program may request reconsideration (see reconsideration policy).