Critical Conversation Colita Fairfax

Published on : February 17, 2022

Author: Patrick Dunne

Colita Fairfax, PhD, historian and professor at Norfolk State University, outlined the importance of understanding the cultural and ancestral history of clients and communities as social workers in the latest Critical Conversation with CSWE Vice President of Education Tanya Smith Brice, PhD.

Watch a condensed and full version of the conversation!

"I think it’s important, incredibly important, for those of us in the social sciences to recognize the lived experiences of peoples’ ancestry," said Dr. Fairfax. "Everything that we do with regards to transformative change, this thing called social justice, this thing called equity, is about a reckoning with history."

A native Virginian who has contributed to The 1619 Project, Dr. Fairfax also discussed her work on a state committee to remove statues of Confederate leaders from “Monument Row” in Richmond and the impact of such statues had on her and her community when she was growing up.

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