National Nominating Committee

National Nominating Committee

Charge From the Board of Directors

  1. The nominating committee, in accordance with policies prescribed by the Council, shall prepare double slates of nominees for officers, members of the board of directors, and members of the nominating committee.
  2. The nominating committee will develop a slate of candidates for officers and board members that will result in 50% composition from underrepresented groups as identified in the CSWE's DEI Policy. (PDF)
  3. Not less than 90 days prior to the election, the nominating committee shall report its nominations to the secretary, who in turn will convey them to the executive committee of the board of directors.


  • David Jenkins


    University of Louisville


  • Binta Alleyne-Green

    Associate Professor

    Fordham University

  • Joan M. Blakey

    Associate Professor

    Tulane University

  • Insoo Chung

    Assistant Professor

    Norfolk State University

  • Thomas Felke

    Department Chair

    Florida Gulf Coast University

  • Anthony Hill

    Department Chair

    Winthrop University

  • Paul Mackie

    BSSW Program Director

    Minnesota State University, Mankato

  • Lisa McGuire

    Professor and Department Head

    James Madison University

  • Anthony Natale


    University of Oklahoma

  • Manoj Pardasani

    Dean & Professor

    Adelphi University

  • Judith Rocha

    Director of Field Education

    Northeastern Illinois University

  • Ian "Cole" Watts

    Owner/Chief Operating Officer

    Stages of Recovery, Inc.

  • Debra Woody

    Senior Associate Dean

    University of Texas at Arlington