Desk and Examination Copies

Desk Copies

CSWE Press is pleased to provide complimentary desk copies of any adopted required text for instructors at accredited colleges and universities. CSWE Press must receive a confirmed order for at least 25 copies of a title from your college or university bookstore before a complimentary desk copy can be requested. No more than three complimentary desk copies may be obtained with any single order (75 or more copies).

To request a desk copy, please call 1-877-751-5053 or e-mail [email protected] with the following information:

  • Title and ISBN of publication
  • Name and number of course and enrollment
  • Bookstore name and telephone number
  • Confirmation of an order placed by your university bookstore for at least 25 copies of the requested book.

Orders placed through third party distributors are not eligible for complimentary desk copies. DVDs are also unavailable as desk copies. Please note that CSWE Press cannot ship desk copies to residences; they must be mailed to your institutional address (valid U.S. addresses only).

Examination Copies

Evaluation copies of books that are being considered as required texts for classes may be provided to qualified academics and professionals. A copy of the book will be billed at a 50% discount plus shipping charges, payable in 90 days. If the book is adopted and an order of at least 25 new copies has been placed and confirmed directly with CSWE, the invoice will be canceled and the exam copy is complimentary. Alternatively, the book may be returned within 90 days in salable condition for full credit.