Submitting a Proposal

Partner With CSWE Press to Publish Your Work

CSWE Press publishes books and nonprint resources that address the needs of social work educators, practitioners, and students. Proposals are welcomed from authors who are interested in partnering with CSWE Press to produce essential social work education materials for a growing professional audience. In return, CSWE Press offers superior access to the educational community, strong peer review by recognized experts in the field, the well-known educational value of CSWE Press publications, and high-quality production that includes professional copyediting and indexing of manuscripts at no cost to the author.

Topic Areas of Interest

CSWE Press is interested in works that address emerging issues and innovations as well as traditional concerns of the profession. Broad areas of interest include the philosophy, theory, and practice of teaching; the process and evaluation of learning; and the organization and structure of social work education. Proposals should clearly indicate how the book would aid educators in teaching students.

CSWE Press also considers materials that explore practice issues as they relate to social work curricula and field work.

Submitting a Proposal

Send proposals via e-mail to Kristine Luecker. The following components, submitted in electronic format only, make up a complete proposal:

  • An overview of the contents, including a discussion of the proposed work's purpose and format (textbook, handbook, instructional videotape, reference source, etc.); its contribution to the knowledge base; and its theoretical/conceptual underpinnings
  • A detailed outline summarizing each chapter's coverage and the development of the work, or an otherwise well-articulated summary of the content and development of the work
  • Two sample chapters that illustrate the scope of the proposed work and the writing style. One of the sample chapters must be substantive (i.e., not an introductory or summary chapter).
  • Marketing information that discusses the intended audience (such as faculty, field instructors, students, researchers, practitioners), the timeliness of the material, publications in social work or other related fields that may compete with the proposed work, and ways this work will differ from these
  • A time frame for completion of a draft for the proposed work
  • CVs for all authors or editors

Please note that proposals must not be under consideration by any other publisher.

The Review Process

The Council on Publications reviews each proposal. If the proposal fits within the scope of CSWE Press's publications program, adequately addresses the topic area, and can be successfully marketed a publications agreement may be offered. Accepted manuscripts receive review by knowledgeable peers in the field. CSWE Press strives to respond to proposals within 4-6 weeks and to publish accepted works within 7 months thereafter.