• Kimberley Motley

    Opening Plenary Session—Thursday, November 10

    “The laws are ours,” says Kimberley Motley, Esq. “No matter what your ethnicity, nationality, gender, race—they belong to us.” 

    APM attendees will explore the global human rights economy and learn how and why we should all pay attention to–and take full advantage of–the rule of law. Motley will share stories from her law practice in Afghanistan and highlight ways her work impacts global human rights. In countries where much of the law is unwritten, where judges are unable to read or write, where church and state are still deeply intertwined, the legal system is a complicated and murky one. But if we take the time to read and understand the law, we can often find the solutions we’re looking for and make positive impacts.

    About the Speaker
    Kimberley Motley is the founder of Motley Legal Services and cofounder of Motley Consulting International and the first foreigner who has ever litigated cases in Afghanistan's Criminal Courts. Armed with an unwavering determination and a passion for justice, she will present “The Rule of Law: Building a Global Human Rights Community” during the Opening Plenary Session of the 2022 APM.

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