Board of Directors


The Board of Directors oversees and must approve all CSWE programs, plans, and budgets and is responsible for the activities and accountability of all governance and program units and commissions. The Board of Directors reviews resolutions passed at the Annual Program Meeting, shapes the affirmative action plan, establishes membership dues, and conducts the president's annual performance evaluation review. Finally, the Board is responsible for reporting to the membership on its activities.

Charge From the Bylaws

The Board of Directors shall manage the affairs of CSWE and exercise all the powers, rights and privileges of the Council subject to the provisions of law and bylaws. The Board shall have the following functions:

  • To review and approve annually the programs, plans and budgets of CSWE, and hold all governance and program units accountable for their activities;
  • To bear responsibility for planning, developing, monitoring, and reporting annually to the membership on an affirmative action plan;
  • To establish membership dues;
  • To have authority to formulate specific policies necessary for management of the affairs of CSWE;
  • To order priorities, and adopt and implement programs;
  • To receive and review resolutions passed at annual membership meetings and report to the membership on actions taken on resolutions;
  • To conduct an annual performance review of the president; and
  • To meet at least twice a year.
*These Board members are ex officio and nonvoting members.