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Katherine A. Kendall Institute for International Social Work

The Katherine A. Kendall Institute for International Social Work Education (Kendall Institute) strives to prepare educators, researchers, students, and practitioners for an increasingly global community through its programs and initiatives. Established with contributions to an endowment in honor of international social work icon Dr. Katherine A. Kendall, the Kendall Institute promotes standards of excellence for international social work to integrate related concepts into social work curricula and seeks to enrich perspectives, understandings, collaboration, and networking in the social work community.

Current Projects 

Kendall Grant Program

Since 2015 the Kendall Institute has awarded grants that support international social work education projects that help prepare United States students for global citizenship and encourage opportunities for international social work. Learn more about the Kendall Grant Program here.

International Social Work Leader Review 

CSWE's Commission on Global Social Work Education and the Kendall Institute collaborate to offer the International Social Work Leader Review, which highlights an individual in the global social work community. Visit the Social Work Leader Review page

Preparing Students to Practice in an Interconnected World

Check out our collaboration with the Center for Diversity focused on developing a curriculum that will help students deepen their understanding of global interconnectedness.