Teaching With and Teaching About Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on teaching and learning. In response, CSWE created the Teaching With and Teaching About Technology initiative. The initiative is led by the Technology Advisory Group (TAG), which helps members capture the knowledge, innovation, and advances in technology-centered materials that address how educators teach with technology and teach about the use of technology in social work practice. 

Below are the inagural TAG members:

  • Shari Miller, Dean and Professor, Stony Brook University (20202021)
  • Melanie Sage, Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo
  • Jonathan Singer, Associate Professor, Loyola University Chicago
  • Raquel Warley, Associate Professor, Mercy College

Join social work colleagues to learn more about how technology can be useful in your classroom and share resources, including syllabi, bibliographies, case studies, assessment tools, presentations, and videos for classroom use. There are several ways to share: 

  • Submit a resource to share in our Education Resources database 
  • Search for technology related resources through our Education Resources database 
  • Share and discuss technology-related resources via our CSWE Spark community 

Direct questions regarding this page to the program associate for curricular resources.

Computerized Simulations With Virtual Clients

Computerized Simulations with Virtual Clients ThumbnailRecent evidence highlights the potential of simulations that can enhance social work education. Recent studies suggest computerized simulations developed by SIMmersion enhance clinical skills and clinical self-efficacy.

Piloting and implementing computerized simulations can help social work students develop a foundation in psychotherapeutic skills before entering field education. Learn more here

University at Buffalo School of Social Work: Teaching From a Distance 

The University at Buffalo School of Social Work provides a series of YouTube videos dedicated to distance learning. More than 20 vidoes cover topics such as role play through Zoom, online group work, and adult learning and motivation.

Teaching Students How to Transform Power and Privilege Into a Resource to Assist Those Who Lack the Same Privilege Virtually                     

Dr. Ebonnie Vazquez, MSW
West Chester University
Dr. Brie Radis, LCSW, MSS, MLSP  
West Chester University

Educators can use this resource to virtually train students about power and privilege, foster collaborative learning, and build diversity and understanding among students. Through a synchronous classroom design, this interactive PowerPoint includes worksheet activities designed to establish a privilege baseline for students and encourages the use of breakout rooms where students may share and reflect.

Technology-Based Learning Task List for Social Work Education 

Technology-Based Learning Task List for Social Work Education ThumbnailLaurel Iverson Hitchcock
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Melanie Sage 
University at Buffalo
Nancy J. Smyth 
University at Buffalo

This technology-based learning task list can be used to teach about technology in social work practice. Using the social work competencies from the 2015 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards, this list provides examples of technology-based assignments and learning tasks that can be incorporated into social work courses.