2022 Awardees

2022 Professional Recognition Award Recipients


  • Established Faculty Service and Leadership in Social Work Education Award

    Dr. Debra Woody
    Senior Associate Dean, University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work
    The 2022 Established Faculty Service and Leadership in Social Work Education Award is presented to Debra Woody, PhD. 

    Dr. Debra Woody began her journey as a social worker after receiving a BSW from Texas Christian University and a MSW from Columbia University. She then began work as a social worker in the field of mental health in a city employee counseling agency in New York and then in a residential treatment center for youth in Texas. Dr. Woody earned her PhD in social work from Virginia Commonwealth University where she was inducted into Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

    Dr. Woody has made an impact on multiple generations of social workers for more than 35 years, at both Baylor University and University of Texas at Arlington. Dr. Woody has taught BSW, MSW, and PhD students in courses on social work practice, school social work, mental health, and research and statistics. She has served in several academic posts including field director, PhD director, associate dean for academic affairs, and is currently Senior Associate Dean at University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work, assisting the dean in the daily operation of the school.  

    As PhD director, Dr. Woody rebuilt the PhD program from a local part-time program, to a national full-time program. As associate dean for academic affairs Dr. Woody was active in leading faculty in developing online classes. Using the school social work model, she also developed a student support center in the school of social work to assist students in completing their degree. This work is based on Dr. Woody’s philosophy of making education widely available and to assist students with the tools to remove barriers to completing their degree. 

    Dr. Woody has received millions of dollars in grant funds to further her service, teaching, and research efforts and to support students, faculty, and staff. Through her Center for Addiction and Recovery Studies, she has provided financial support and field opportunities for students, research opportunities for faculty, and to employ numerous social work practitioners facilitating substance abuse services to the Dallas community. Dr. Woody seeks opportunities for cutting edge interventions and research.  Regardless of her role Dr. Woody has served as a champion and leader of social justice.
  • Distinguished Recent Contributions to Social Work Education Award

    Dr. Michael Daley
    Chair, Department of Social Work and Professor at Texas A&M University–Central Texas
    CSWE will give the 2022 Distinguished Recent Contributions to Social Work Education Award to Michael Daley, PhD. 

    Dr. Michael Daley is the Chair, Department of Social Work and Professor at Texas A&M University–Central Texas. He holds a BA in Anthropology from Rice University, a MSW from the University of Houston, and a PhD in Social Welfare from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His scholarship focuses on the Field of Rural Social Work, and he is the author of Rural Social Work in the 21st Century. He has been the Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Baccalaureate Social Work for several years and is the founding editor of Contemporary Rural Social Work. He is a reviewer for several social work journals.    

    Dr. Daley is currently a member of the CSWE Commission on Accreditation, where he chairs the Professional Practice Doctorate Implementation Committee, and has been a member of the Council on Leadership Development. He is a former President of the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors. He has also been President of the Texas Chapter of NASW and Chair of the NASW National Ethics Committee. In 2019, he was named a NASW Social Work Pioneer. He has been a long-time advocate for undergraduate social work.
  • Early Career Faculty Service and Leadership in Social Work Education Award

    Dr. Rosalyn Denise Campbell
    CSWE will present the 2022 Early Career Faculty Service and Leadership in Social Work Education Award to Dr. Rosalyn Denise Campbell, most recently a tenured associate professor of social work at the University of Georgia.

    Dr. Rosalyn Denise Campbell sees herself as equal parts scholar, educator, mentor, and advocate, particularly in the area of mental/behavioral health. Her research is best described as a quest to learn, understand, and improve the mental health and well-being of underserved groups, especially Black Americans. This pursuit has led her to exploring the mental health and illness narratives/experiences, help-seeking behaviors, and service use pattens of this group.  

    Whether teaching MSW or PhD students, in the classroom or online, Dr. Campbell does not shy away from the tough topics in social work. She is bold in her teaching of culturally competent practice and is committed to social justice, particularly in the areas of racism and ableism. She championed for the creation of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee at the University of Georgia (UGA) School of Social Work, serving as chair since its inception. She has also written on racism in the social work classroom and the use of disclosure as a teaching tool. Dr. Campbell is especially intentional about making herself available to students, believing strongly that it is an educator’s role to provide a space for students to check in and/or process as they reconcile their role as a helper with their own continuing need for help. For these reasons, Dr. Campbell has been nominated for MSW Teacher of the Year several times and has been recognized multiple times by UGA’s Career Center for contributing greatly to student career development and success. At CSWE’s 2019 APM, she was honored by the Council on the Role and Status of Women in Social Work Education’s (CORSW) Mentor Recognition Program.  
    Service is a large part of what drew Dr. Campbell to social work. The ability to work on behalf of others and their well-being drives all that she does. She carries that spirit into her professional service work, serving on CSWE’s Council on Disabilities and Persons with Disabilities (2014-2017) and its Cultural Competence Track as a co-chair (2018-2021).  

    Dr. Campbell is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s Joint PhD Program in Social Work and Social Science (Sociology). She earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology (with honors) and Ethnic Studies from The University of Texas and her MSW also from the University of Michigan.