Formerly Accredited MSW Programs

Formerly Accredited Master's of Social Work Programs

Please contact the accreditation staff if you have any questions about previously accredited programs.


Arizona State University at the West Campus - Accredited 2002–2009


Atlanta University - Accredited 1928–1987


Asbury University - Accredited 2007–2019
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary - Accredited 1984–1997


Brandeis University - Accredited 1971–1973
Wheelock College - Accredited 2002-2018


St. Catherine University and University of Saint Thomas Collaborative - Accredited 1990–2019


University of Nebraska at Lincoln - Accredited 1940–1975

New York

Alliance University (formerly Nyack College):  Accredited 2015–2023
Greater Rochester Collaborative M.A.S.W. Program (Nazareth College and SUNY-Brockport) - Accredited 2002–2019


Cleveland State University & University of Akron Collaborative - Accredited 1996–2018
Greater Miami Valley MASW Collaborative (Miami University and Wright State University) - Accredited 2011-2021


California University of Pennsylvania - Accredited 2000–2022 (merged to form Pennsylvania Western University in 2022)


Mid-Tennessee Collaborative (Austin Peay State U, Middle Tennessee State U, and Tennessee State U) - Accredited 2009-2021


Richmond Professional Institute - Accredited 1919–1968


University of Wisconsin-Green Bay & University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Collaborative - Accredited 2003–2017


CSWE served as the accrediting body for all Canadian master's of social work degree programs until 1970, then continued to accredit Canadian master's of social work programs by special request until 1983.

For information about accredited programs in Canada, please contact the Canadian Association for Social Work Education.

Carleton University - Accredited 1951–1974
Dalhousie University - Accredited 1952–1975
Laval University - Accredited 1952–1969
McGill University - Accredited 1939–1973
Université de Montréal - Accredited 1951–1969
University of British Columbia - Accredited 1945–1969
University of Calgary - Accredited 1971–1972
University of Manitoba - Accredited 1949–1969
University of Ottawa - Accredited 1951–1966
University of Toronto - Accredited 1939–1974
Waterloo Lutheran University (now Wilfrid Laurier University) - Accredited 1968–1983