CSWE’s Commission on Educational Policy (COEP) is charged with preparing, at periodic intervals not to exceed 7 years, a statement of social work curriculum policy to encourage excellence in educational programs and to be used by the Commission on Accreditation (COA) in formulating and revising accreditation standards. The educational policy and the accreditation standards are conceptually linked to each other, so a 2022 Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS) Joint Committee was formed with members from each commission.

Below are the Joint Committee members:

  • COEP representatives: Shirley Gatenio-Gabel, chair (Fordham University); Antoinette Farmer (Rutgers University); Brian Anderson (Jackson State University); Cynthia Franklin (University of Texas at Austin); Melissa Reitmeier, chair, Council on Field Education (University of South Carolina)
  • COA representatives: Deana Morrow, chair (West Virginia University); Michele Hanna (University of Denver); Shelly Wiechelt (University of Maryland Baltimore); Thomas Walsh (Boston College); Francis Origanti (Sacred Heart University)
  • CSWE staff: Tanya Smith Brice, vice president of education; Megan Fujita, executive director of accreditation; Marilyn Gentner, accreditation specialist

The 2022 EPAS Revision Timeline documents the process from December 2017-June 2022.