2013 Program Recipients

Congratulations to the six recipients of the 2013 CSWE Summer Leadership Scholarship Program!

The 2013 CSWE Summer Leadership Scholarship Programs is an initiative of the CSWE Leadership Institute. CSWE is proud to recognize the six recipients of these 2013 scholarships. Four attended the 2013 Harvard Institutes of Higher Education (HIHE) and two the 2013 Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Bryn Mawr Summer Institute. They will be honored at the October 31, 2013 CSWE Leadership Networking Reception that will be held at the 2013 APM in Dallas. In addition, they are participating in the Saturday, November 2 1:30 pm–3:00 pm CSWE Council on Leadership Development Hot Topic Session “Learn More: CSWE Leadership Institute Scholarship Program.”

Harvard Institutes of Higher Education (HIHE)

This program is a joint effort with HIHE for the participation of CSWE-recommended persons in HIHE summer residential sessions.

Program Opportunities: The Harvard Management Development Program (MDP) is designed for deans, associate deans, directors, program directors, and other administrators, and the Institute for Management and Leadership in Education (MLE) is designed for seasoned-administrators.

2013 CSWE Summer Leadership Scholarship Recipients

Angela Ausbrooks PhotoPatti Aldredge
Director of Field Education
Virginia Commonwealth University

The CSWE Summer Leadership Scholarship Program afforded me such an amazing opportunity. The HIHE program underscored my role as leader versus manager and provided invaluable perspective on leadership knowledge and skills. In addition, I found an incredible network of colleagues. My work has been enriched beyond expectation through this experience.

John C. Bricout PhotoJohn C. Bricout 
Associate Dean for Research and Community Outreach
University of Texas at Arlington

I learned that the why of leadership, whether articulated in terms of a strategic plan, stakeholder feedback, or assessed needs, is critical to transformative action. Since returning to my home institution I have found great value in applying a why-based approached to planning and problem solving.

Megan Meyer PhotoMegan Meyer
Associate Professor/Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
University of Maryland, Baltimore

Harvard's Management Development Program leaves one very satisfied. On the last day of the training I remember remarking that I felt very “full” on multiple levels. I felt physically full because they fed and cared for us nonstop. I felt intellectually full, because the 2 weeks were quite intense and packed with valuable readings, carefully crafted lectures, real-world case analyses, and presentations by seasoned leaders in higher education who shared their most valuable lessons learned. Finally, my heart and spirit were full. The dialogues with more than 100 fellow educators from across the globe, combined with the profound bonding within our small break-out groups, left me with a deeper sense of appreciation for the truly noble work of higher education. Indeed, it is the inspiring mission to create challenging and transformational learning experiences for our students that sustains me while facing the daily challenges that come with holding a leadership position in a school of social work.

Donna M. Weinreich PhotoDonna M. Weinreich
Associate Director, School of Social Work
Western Michigan University

Two weeks at the Harvard MDP were 2 weeks well-spent. The environment fostered thoughtful discourse and problem solving, and it was comforting to learn that institutions large and small have the same concerns that I have. I came home markedly changed, better understanding myself and the differing perspectives on how and why institutional decisions are made—including mistakes that can be made under the best of circumstances and with good intentions.
The Harvard experience was unlike any that I have had. When Joe Zolner (HIHE) said everything would be taken care of, he really meant everything—there was nothing to distract from concentrating on engaging the material and my classmates. I emerged with a new perspective on leadership and management and with an outline of a plan that I think will help improve the educational experience for my school’s students and a new capacity to meet leadership challenges at my institution and on behalf of CSWE.

HERS Bryn Mawr Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration

This program is a joint effort with the 2013 HERS Bryn Mawr Summer Institute for the participation of CSWE-recommended persons.

Program Opportunity: Each summer since 1976 the HERS Bryn Mawr Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration has provided a residential program with an intensive leadership and management curriculum for approximately 70 women faculty and administrators on the Bryn Mawr College campus.

2013 CSWE Summer Leadership Scholarship Recipients

Nadine Bean PhotoNadine Bean
Associate Professor
West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Attending the HERS Bryn Mawr Summer Institute was without a doubt one of the most transformative experiences of my life. To meet women from all across the states, from as far away as Alaska and beyond the U.S. borders, who were already creative and visionary thinkers and doers, leaders in their own right and who were also poised to become higher education leaders at the dean, vice president, and president levels was extraordinary. I began the experience concerned that I had not had enough of the types of leadership experiences necessary to advance to such a position in higher education. I emerged from the HERS training with a new network of incredible women who were and are affirming of my various experiences as a social worker, community activist, faculty member, professional organization leader, and nonprofit service organization founder with renewed energy and commitment to strive for leadership positions in higher education that I had not considered before. I am also implementing the leadership project that I developed as part of the requirements of participating in HERS and find that my MSW program chair, faculty, and professional staff are fully embracing the ideas. I could not be more excited to see this project come to fruition.

Judy Postmus PhotoJudy Postmus
Associate Professor and Director, Center on Violence Against Women and Children
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Attending the HERS Summer Institute afforded me the opportunity to join a network of female leaders representing a diverse range of university and college settings, disciplines, and positions (e.g. president, provost, CFO, deans, and directors). HERS also gave me greater confidence as I consider moving into leadership positions within social work education.