2014 Program Recipients

Congratulations to the six recipients of the CSWE 2014 Summer Leadership Scholarship Program!

The CSWE 2014 Summer Leadership Scholarship Programs is an initiative of the CSWE Leadership Institute. CSWE is proud to recognize the six recipients of these 2014 scholarships.

  • Five attended the 2014 Harvard Institutes of Higher Education (HIHE) and one the 2014 Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Bryn Mawr Summer Institute.
  • They will be honored at the October 23, 2014 CSWE Leadership Networking Reception that will be held at the 2014 APM in Tampa.

Harvard Institutes of Higher Education (HIHE)

This program is a joint effort with HIHE for the participation of CSWE-recommended persons in HIHE summer residential sessions.

Program Opportunities: The Harvard Management Development Program (MDP), held June 1–13, 2014, is designed for deans, associate deans, directors, program directors, and other administrators.

2014 CSWE Summer Leadership Scholarship Recipients

Karen Bullock PhotoKaren Bullock,
Professor/Department Head 
North Carolina State University

The Harvard Management Development Program (MDP) is an incredibly enriching growth and development experience. In the 2 weeks, I expected to gain new knowledge and to learn new management concepts and approaches, and I did. What I had not expected was that I would learn so much about myself and how to think and do things differently to become a more effective leader. The program assembled renowned faculty members and administrators, including university presidents, chief financial executives, and development officers, who lectured and shared freely about their own experiences, which brought the assigned readings to life. The learning was intensive, the exposure was unparalleled in any other professional development experience that I have had as an administrator.
Although it was extremely beneficial to participate with colleagues who represented a range of disciplines in higher education from many different institutions, large to very small, it was most rewarding to have so many social workers in the program cohort. The pedagogical model of incorporating small group, large group, open discussions, and closed was among the many strengths of this professional development experience.
The networking and ongoing relationships that were spawned by the MDP have increased my leadership capacity significantly. I continue to communicate with and draw on the resources of the MDP cohort for matters related to administration, planning, academic leadership, financial management, and human resource development. Just this week I e-mailed the president of a university who lectured at the MDP, and he responded within hours. He encouraged me to continue to think of him a resource as I deal with challenging issues. What an incredible, tangible, outcome of the MDP!

Stephen Kapp PhotoStephen Kapp
Professor/Associate Dean of Academic Programs
University of Kansas

My participation in the summer program at the Harvard Institutes of Higher Education (HIHE) program was an effective way to expand my leadership understanding and abilities. The curriculum was loaded with gifted leaders in higher education from throughout the country. In group discussions with others, administrative challenges were analyzed and addressed.
Halaevalu F. Vakalahi PhotoHalaevalu F. Vakalahi
Associate Dean and Professor
Morgan State University

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” This reflects the totality of my leadership development experience at the Harvard MDP. It was truly a phenomenal program that provided a balanced focus on individual and collective leader development.
Florencia Velazquez PhotoFlorencia Velazquez
Program Director
Pontifical University of Puerto Rico

The opportunity I had to participate in the Harvard Management Development Program this summer was a great professional and personal growth experience. Given the prestige of Harvard Institutes of Higher Education, from the beginning I knew it would be an extraordinary experience. It was beyond my expectations. I not only learned new skills and strategies for directing my program, but it also led me to reflect on my career, enhancing my knowledge, skills, and abilities as a leader in education.

I would like to thank CSWE Summer Leadership and Scholarship Program for such a wonderful opportunity and support.

Dina J. Wilke PhotoDina J. Wilke
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs/Associate Professor
Florida State University

The Harvard program was a great opportunity to engage with many different academic and student services administrators from large and small, public and private institutions. The case study method was a wonderful way to examine different issues from multiple perspectives, and I left with new ideas and great friends.


HERS Bryn Mawr Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration

This program is a joint effort with the 2014 HERS Bryn Mawr Summer Institute for the participation of CSWE-recommended persons. That program was held July 6–19, 2014.

Program Opportunity: Each summer since 1976 the HERS Bryn Mawr Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration has provided a residential program with an intensive leadership and management curriculum for approximately 70 women faculty and administrators on the Bryn Mawr College campus.

2014 CSWE Summer Leadership Scholarship Recipient

Angela Ausbrooks PhotoAngela Ausbrooks
Associate Professor and MSW Coordinator
Texas State University

The HERS Summer Leadership Institute provided an opportunity to interact and network with women in higher education across the United States and across academic disciplines, which I would not have had the opportunity to do otherwise. The Leadership Institute also provided valuable information that assisted in identification of a career trajectory and the steps needed to achieve my career goals, especially in the area of higher education administration.