CSWE Local Meetings Request

**this form must be completed for interoffice meetings, in-house and local meetings with outside attendees, and/or hotel room reservations.**

1. Fill out Request Form and click submit at bottom of form to forward request to Office Manager, Meetings Director, and IT Director.

  • Please fill in all the information you have, whatever is not filled in, be prepared to have a follow up discussion to fill in the gaps. Staff Liaison must provide layout of meeting room to the Office Manager.
    • Office Manager arranges for in-house meetings: conference space, catering, room setups, etc.
    • IT handles AV needs for in-house meetings
    • Meetings department handles logistics for outside/hotel meetings
    • Conference room space is not guaranteed until the Office Manager reserves it. (In-house meeting space includes Conference rooms)
    • Office Manager orders additional building services for early, late and/or weekend meetings. Some services incur additional costs. These include:
      • extended HVAC
      • lighting
      • additional restroom cleanings, and supplies
      • inform security desk CSWE will have guests in our offices, specify dates, approx. numbers
    • A list of all meeting visitors needs to be provided to the office manager so that security can be informed.


2. Hotel Rooms

  • Meetings department will review meeting request form and follow up with you on hotel needs
  • Meetings department will decide what type of reservations are needed
    • Transient (a handful of reservations)
    • Larger group, rooming list required, reservations (often these require a contract)
    • Confirmation process will be determined


3. Building Access/Services for Meetings (more notes below)

  • Regular business hours are 8:00am – 6:00pm
  • Staff members involved in the meeting need to assist with access to the building and office, outside of these hours. Fobs will be needed for the building.
  • Staff members involved in the meeting will need to assist with elevator access at all times. Fobs will be needed for the elevator so that visitors can access the 4th floor.


4. Follow up

  • Staff Liaison to provide Rooming list by _____________ (date and sample list provided by Meeting department)
  • Staff Liaison must email reminder to meeting attendees one week prior to the meeting to get final attendance
  • Staff Liaison to send final meeting agenda to Meetings Director 2 weeks before start of meeting


5. Health/Safety Protocols

  • Please work with the Office Manager and Human Resources for any relevant health/safety protocols.

Notes for Early, Late or Weekend meetings and Extra Services:

  • Building hours are Monday - Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm. Building is not accessible outside of this time so a staff person will need a “fob” key to allow attendees to access the building outside of these times. Entry to the office will also need to be manned by a staff person as the Office Manager hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm.
  • Meetings held outside of regular business hours also require add on services as noted above. This will be billed as an extra charge to CSWE and notice is due 3 days in advance.
  • Meetings held in our offices result in additional persons using our space. In those cases, we need to request additional janitorial services and supplies for the restrooms.
  • Food deliveries outside of business hours cannot use the loading dock. Food deliveries require a “fob” key to allow delivery personnel to enter and exit the building.
  • Keep a copy of the credit card receipt and food order and give them to Meetings director/staff.
  • Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday meetings’ trash must be brought to the dumpster in the loading dock by CSWE staff. You can access the loading dock from inside the building, but a “fob” key will be needed to reenter the building. 

Meeting Request Form - Local Meetings or CSWE Offices only

Meal Date (s) Time (delivery time is half hour window) CSWE provide? Attendee on own?





Reception Food

Wine for Reception(s)


Date (s) # of hotel rooms to reserve Special Requests Other/Notes

Total Room Nights