Exhibitor Services

Congratulations!  You are an exhibitor at THE premier event for Social Work Educators – the 2021 Annual Program Meeting!

You have secured your booth, so what’s next?
As an exhibitor you now have access to many online services to enhance your presence at APM including MapYourShow (MYS)! MYS is our online sales portal where you can do many things like pay for your booth, enhance your online directory, and access your Exhibitor Services Kit. Within your MYS account you have an Exhibitor Dashboard. It is here that you will find the Exhibitor Services Kit tile. The information in that tile is also below.

Exhibitor Registration:

Register your booth staff for the 3 complimentary passes you receive for exhibiting at our event by following this link: 



*You will have received an email from APM Registration that will have your password included.

Order Furniture, Utilities, tables, chairs…oh my! 

FREEMAN Online Portal:

Use this button to create and access your online account to place orders: 




To place your electrical order, use this button to create and access your online account:



Here is a PDF of the order forms as well: click here to download.

Exhibitor/Sponsor Marketing Toolkit:

CSWE has developed a toolkit intended to help exhibitors and sponsors market their participation in the 2021 APM.



Please reach out to Chrissie Hahn at [email protected]  or 703-519-2049 with any questions you may have.

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