Gero-Ed (Aging and Gerontology)

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Gero-Ed (Aging and Gerontology)

Co-Chair: Christina Miyawaki (University of Houston)
APM Assignment: 2022-2024

Co-chair: Kathy Lee (University of Texas at Arlington)
APM Assignment: 2022–2024

The Gero-Ed Track, sponsored by the Hartford-funded CSWE Gero-Ed Center and the Association for Gerontology Education in Social Work, recognizes the imperative to prepare social workers with competencies to enhance the health and well-being of older adults, their families, and other informal caregivers. The Gero-Ed Track covers issues related to aging and intergenerational social work research, policy, education, and practice, which have implications across a range of practice and educational settings and in national and international spheres. The Gero-Ed Track provides an opportunity for faculty, students, field supervisors, and practitioners to disseminate and gain gerontological knowledge and skills.

Gero-Ed Track proposals must clearly state the issue related to aging and older adults, demonstrate its importance to geriatric social work, advance the knowledge base of gerontological social work, demonstrate attention to issues of diversity, include evidence-based materials, and reference scholarly literature.