ISWDRES Recognition App Form

International Social Work Degree Recognition and Evaluation Service Recognition Application Form

Each applicant is entitled to two copies of the formal determination letter.
List all the educational institutions you have attended, beginning with the most recent. Give the name of each diploma in English as well as in the native language. Attach additional sheets if necessary. Please note, we do not accept supporting documents from applicants via faxes, emails, attachments, etc., or plain photocopies. Any email with attachments will be deleted. All supporting documents must be sent directly from your social work program (via postal service). All official supporting documents must be sent in paper copies (via postal service) in order to be presented for the Application review.
Indicate the name of the authority in your country that regulates, accredits, or otherwise sanctions social work education.


Please note that we do not accept checks of any kind. If you wish to pay by credit card, please use this link.

If you have further questions you may call at 1.703.739.8416 or email [email protected] (preferred method).