Selected JSWE Articles on Social Justice Now Open Access

Published on : June 19, 2020

In response to current events and the pervasive social injustices facing our society, the Journal of Social Work Education (JSWE) has compiled a collection of articles with a focus on race/racism, oppression, social justice, and related topics that social workers and social work educators are committed to addressing and resolving. The following articles will be open access until September 30, 2020, through the Taylor & Francis JSWE Online portal.


The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) hopes that freely offering these scholarly articles will provide additional resources to the social work education community when they are most needed. Please share the links with your faculty members, colleagues, students, and other interested stakeholders as you prepare for the next academic year.
CSWE members may also log in on the CSWE website to gain full access to all JSWE Online articles; simply click on JSWE Online in the bottom right corner of the CSWE homepage. Purchase options for all published JSWE articles are available for nonmembers and those who do not have access through university or institutional libraries.