The 2021 APM will be in Orlando. Help us capitalize on this opportunity.

Published on : July 2, 2021

A lot has been asked of faculty members and administrators over the last 16 months. Yet tens of thousands of people have graduated from accredited programs this year and will be able to serve communities across the country in large part thanks to your patience, perseverance, and passion. 
We thank you for your efforts, and we ask for your continued support, grace, and patience as we find ways to make the 2021 Annual Program Meeting (APM) the most impactful conference we have ever hosted. Despite recent events, the 2021 APM will be held November 4–7 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando.
Recently, laws have been proposed and enacted in several states that are counter to our professional values and ability to speak truth about our country’s history and systemic racism. In Florida, a law has been passed that prevents transgender women and girl athletes from playing on public school teams designated for biological females. In response to this law, as well as similarly discriminatory bills and laws, California lawmakers chose to add these states to its list of places where state-funded travel is banned.
Although we recognize the importance of such a decision, we also recognize that it creates obstacles for educators at public California colleges to attend the APM this year. Unfortunately, CSWE is unable to host the 2021 APM elsewhere. The organization cannot absorb the financial penalties that would be incurred by breaking our contracts and agreements at this time. We ask for your understanding on this matter and for your active engagement as social workers to help us meet this challenge.
CSWE is actively exploring ways to improve the programming and events at the APM, and we have begun to engage with programs in California and Florida to help us think through how we might enhance the reach of our APM. We are also looking at ways to engage state and congressional lawmakers in these critical conversations during the APM. You can help us capitalize on this opportunity to live our social work values while in Orlando by sharing your feedback and suggestions via e-mail at [email protected] or in a forum on CSWE Spark.
We hope you will join us this November at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort and help us lead critical conversations on racial, economic, and environmental justice. Thank you again for your support and dedication to social work education.