The Time is Right for Social Work: Celebrating Social Work Month 2022

Published on : March 1, 2022

Every March is Social Work Month, a time to recognize the social work profession and the social workers who make significant contributions to the realization of social justice. This year’s theme, "The Time is Right for Social Work," encourages us to reflect on the essential need for social workers as we continue to grapple with racial inequities, economic disparities, the COVID-19 pandemic, and other crises.

To help celebrate Social Work Month, CSWE has created a dedicated space for social work educators, students, and social workers to share their thoughts on why the time is right for social work. We encourage you to share photos, videos, quotes, testimonies, poems, paintings, or other content that align with the theme.

Submitted content will be collected and shared at a meeting on March 25 and on CSWE’s social media channels. Please share this call for content with your networks.
Submit content here by March 14, 2022.