CSWE Press

Case Scenarios for Teaching and Learning Social Work Practice

Shirley M. Haulotte and Jane A. Kretzschmar, Editors
Publication Date: 01/01/2001
ISBN: 978-0-87293-082-7
Pages: 125
Publisher: CSWE Press
Suitable for practice courses at the BSW or MSW levels, the 40 carefully crafted vignettes in this collection are drawn from actual cases and combine practitioner expertise, rigorous scholarship, and current social work knowledge. A wide range of settings, client systems, and problems are presented, as are suggestions for assessing the information provided and formulating an intervention plan. The first three units are organized chronologically, proceeding from beginning to middle and ending phases of practice with clients. Unit four includes cases focusing on special issues—exceptions to the rule—in social work practice, such as conflicting values and ethics, working with diverse populations, and working with involuntary clients. Readers interested in focusing on particular groups and kinds of issues will also find a helpful index of cases organized by issue and client population.

Contributing Authors: Eunice C. Garcia, Bonnie L. Bain, Jean E. Avera, and Kathy F. Armenta

About the Editors

Shirley M. Haulotte, MSSW, LMSW-ACP, is field specialist, and Jane A. Kretzschmar, MSW, LMSW-ACP, is director of field education at the University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work. They regularly update their teaching by bringing client stories into their practice courses and field seminars. At the urging of colleagues, they have compiled these cases into a book that others can use in classroom and field settings.
Case Scenarios for Teaching and Learning Social Work Practice