CSWE Press

Clinical Social Work: A Narrative Approach

Gary W. Paquin
Publication Date: 09/01/2009
ISBN: 978-0-87293-129-9
Pages: 380
Publisher: CSWE Press
Narrative therapy represents a new approach to helping people, as author Gary Paquin explains in this fresh and engaging addition to the social work literature. Although narrative therapy is recognized as an important therapeutic method, until now there was little information on how social workers can incorporate it into their practice. Paquin not only illustrates how this can be done, he also shows how narrative methods further the profession's commitments to diversity, social and economic justice, client empowerment, and strengths-based practice. Paquin considers the unique point of view of postmodernism embodied in narrative therapy and explores the power of stories in the lives of clients and social work practitioners. Paquin's text uses teaching exercises, along with many examples and transcripts, as practical and effective education tools.

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Clinical Social Work: A Narrative Approach