CSWE Press

Diversity Education for Social Justice: Mastering Teaching Skills, 2nd Edition

Dorothy Van Soest and Betty Garcia
Publication Date: 10/01/2008
ISBN: 978-0-87293-130-5
Pages: 495
Publisher: CSWE Press
This second edition is an invaluable reference for critically examining the educational processes inherent in the diversity-for-social-justice curriculum. It can play a central role in preparing culturally competent social work practitioners for today and tomorrow. This updated text discusses social justice in classroom instruction, student development, social change, and contemporary social work practice. Numerous teaching paradigms and methodologies are presented, including a chapter on using critical events in the classroom for developing cultural competence among social work students. Written to help social work educators develop culturally competent practitioners who have a commitment to promoting social and economic justice for diverse individuals and population, this text is sure to be an inspiration.

“This book at last forges the missing link: the connection between cultural diversity and cultural competence and the mission of social work education....Van Soest and Garcia weave the themes of diversity, populations-at-risk, and social and economic justice into research, classroom interactions, and teaching methodologies. This work will serve as a major reference as social work educators prepare their lectures and course outlines in culturally competent practice.”—Doman Lum, CSU-Sacramento
Diversity Education for Social Justice: Mastering Teaching Skills, 2nd Edition