CSWE Press

Management and Leadership in Social Work Practice and Education

Leon H. Ginsberg
Publication Date: 10/01/2008
ISBN: 978-0-87293-132-9
Pages: 502
Publisher: CSWE Press
Through his compilation of information on the essentials of management and leadership, Ginsberg presents insightful solutions that can help any social worker maximize his or her contributions to the profession. More than 30 widely acclaimed topic experts offer advice for various organizational settings—health, mental health, research, academic, all nonprofit sizes, and more. The book also offers general management and leadership concepts that enhance these environment-specific skills, including strategies for fundraising, finance, administration, human resources, and public relations. A reflective look at the history of social work also provides great context for the profession's leadership and management status quo. Reading this book cover to cover is definitely time well spent for your current and future career endeavors.

EBook available on ProQuest; available for Kindle on Amazon.

"For all the writings about leadership in our profession, this work stands alone by addressing the realities and complexities of social work. In today's world, every social worker—even an independent practitioner—must learn to be an effective manager. We in social work education have long recognized the lack of management practice in our curricula, and now we have the ideal text to fill that gap."
– Suzanne England, Dean, School of Social Work, New York University

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Management and Leadership in Social Work Practice and Education