CSWE Press

The Color of Social Policy

Edited by King E. Davis and Tricia B. Bent-Goodley
Publication Date: 01/01/2004
ISBN: 0-87293-111-0
Pages: 264
Publisher: CSWE Press
This painstakingly documented text researches multiple centuries of social policies aimed at the control of people of color in the United States from the earliest years of the republic to the present day. Beginning with the U.S. colonial period, three chapters provide the historical context for understanding the nature of early decision-making processes that have created a racially divided country. These historical analyses of national and state legislation, executive orders, and court decisions trace the clear link between past and present social policies, as they inform social workers engaged in contemporary efforts toward more equitable social policies. Speaking to fundamental policy matters confronting all human service professions, nine contributing authors discuss specific dimensions of social policy formation wherein race is clearly identified as a key component for evaluating the underlying political motivations and the subsequent effects of policies on individuals of color. The chapters draw out common points of concern connecting people of color through carefully researched analyses of important social issues in health and mental health care, child welfare, domestic violence, juvenile and criminal justice, social security, and welfare reform. Contributing authors put forth a plan of action to bring social work practitioners and educators into a collective mode of action for change at the level of policy advocacy and development.
The Color of Social Policy