2012 Journal of Social Work Education Awards

Best Reviewers for 2012

The winners of the Best Reviewer awards are selected by the Journal of Social Work Education Editorial Advisory Board to honor manuscript reviewers who have shown exceptional service in responsiveness to requests for review, timeliness in submitting completed reviews, and quality of written reviews.

The 2012 award recipents are Charles Floyd of California State University, Stanislaus, and Anne Fortune of the University at Albany, State University of New York. They will be honored at the Reviewers Reception at the 2012 CSWE Annual Program Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Best Articles for 2012

The criteria for choosing the Best Articles published in the Journal of Social Work Education include the importance and timeliness of the content, originality of thought, innovative conceptualization of the topic, and presentation of conclusions and/or recommendations that add significantly to the professional knowledge base and to social work education. The award winners for this year will be honored at the Reviewers Reception at the 2012 CSWE Annual Program Meeting in Washington, DC. The articles are available for viewing and free download through March 31, 2013.

Best Conceptual Article Award

  • “Social Work Scholars' Representation of Rawls: A Critique" (vol. 47, no. 2, pp. 189–211) by Mahasweta M. Banerjee (University of Kansas).  

Best Empirical Article (Qualitative) Award

  • "Motivations, Values, and Conflict Resolution: Students' Integration of Personal and Professional Identities" (vol. 47, no. 3, pp. 423–444) by Philip J. Osteen (University of Maryland, Baltimore).

 Best Empirical Article (Quantitative) Award

  • "Assessing Student Perception of Practice Evaluation Knowledge in Introductory Research Methods" (vol. 47, no. 3, pp. 555–564) by Lisa R. Baker (University of Alabama at Birmingham), David E. Pollio (University of Alabama), and Ashley Hudson (University of Alabama).